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The Scottish Landscape | Elaine Jones

Elaine Jones’ latest series of work is based on the West Coast of Scotland. She has produced four large paintings that take their inspiration from the sea lochs around Loch Torridon and the remote but beautiful Applecross peninsula.

Sunlight on Water | 100x120cm | Oil

The spectacular and far reaching views from Red Point out towards the Isle of Skye provided the starting point for Elaine’s atmospheric oil paintings. The changeable weather in the region was of particular interest as clear skies would quickly be replaced by threatening clouds and heavy downpours, only for shafts of light to break through moments later.

Elaine was amazed at the beauty of the coastline seen from the narrow road that sweeps and weaves its way round to Applecross. Throughout the paintings she has used shades of turquoise and ochre to show the intense colours of the sea and sand that at times, despite the cold environment, looked almost tropical.

In these paintings Elaine balances serene expanses of space with thicker, gestural marks to evoke dark and brooding skies and dramatic sunsets that cover the landscape in an ethereal glow. There is a luminosity in the works that captures the play of light on the water, and Elaine's energetic handling of the paint gives a sense of the shifting weather patterns.

Sunset Over the Loch | 100x120cm | Oil

Dark Skies Clearing | 100x120cm | Oil

Pink on the Water | 130x100cm | Oil

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to make an enquiry about any of the work. You can also sign up to our mailing list to receive occasional updates on Elaine's practice and upcoming art fairs.


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