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Forgotten Freedom | Elaine Jones

With our virtual group exhibition Land and Sea starting next month we thought we’d take a behind the scenes look at some of the paintings Elaine Jones has been working on for the show.

During the first lockdown Elaine experimented with making small studies of nature from her home, focusing on individual details such as leaves, branches and the negative space in between them. However, for her latest series of paintings Elaine has felt the urge to work on a much larger scale, with big gestural marks taking centre stage.


Work in Progress

Elaine’s new abstract oil paintings are inspired by the coastlines of the South Hams in Devon and the Lizard in Cornwall. The atmospheric paintings evoke the spectacular light in this corner of the country and echo the sense of space Elaine felt when escaping to the coast between lockdowns.

“Looking out to great expanses of sea and space after being confined to the city for so long provoked a real sense of forgotten freedom. To be able to look out onto the horizon and take a deep breath was incredibly exhilarating.”

Towards the Cove | 100 x 100cm | Oil

A number of the paintings in the new collection draw on Elaine’s memories of exploring Cornwall’s famous Kynance Cove on the Lizard peninsula last summer.

“We took a beautiful walk through the heather before making the steep descent to the cove, which displayed white sands and sheltered turquoise waters that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean.”

These vivid colours have informed Elaine’s palette and the drama of this landscape is reflected in her painting process. There are layers of paint poured, scratched, brushed and rubbed out across the surface of the paintings. Throughout the process structures are formed and then repeatedly broken down, changed, obliterated and then rebuilt until there is balance.

Work in Progress

Other paintings in the collection feature much loved locations in Salcombe and the South Hams, as well as views of quieter and more secluded spots such as Helford and Durgan beach, which Elaine made sketches of from the vantage point of her small boat.

The paintings in this series focus on the breathtaking beauty of the coastlines of Devon and Cornwall, capturing endless skies and the drama of the sea with a new found appreciation.

Sea Mist | 100 x 100cm | Oil

We hope you can join us for Land and Sea, which will be available to view on our website from 4th - 21st March.

Mailing list subscribers will get early access to the virtual exhibition private view on 3rd March, so if you're not already signed up make sure you sign up here!


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