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Catherine Monmarson

Born in Orléans, France in 1947 Catherine Monmarson mainly exhibits in France and Belgium. She paints with mixed media such as pigment, wax, egg, acrylic and oil on paper, cardboard and canvas.


Catherine says of her work:
“It was through drawing, painting, shaping, that I became really aware of the world, which surrounds me and today I live the experience of art as a privilege. It’s the best way for me, to stay “on the alert”. The painter ignores where his view goes, he paints in order to know it. The eye of the painter is the one, that is surprised, that is filled with wonder, that inquires. The deed of the painter is the conductor of a subtle music, kept deep inside himself, released with simplicity and sincerity, in order to force his way through, between the unconscious and the sensations and to go to meet the emotion. The body in consideration? I work in two times: the first a spontaneous gesture, which will take possession of the space, next, a slower time which balances, builds and gives body to this energy (cohesion, tension and sphere of influence). The memory of the body is the reflection of the memory of the mind.”

Interviews and Articles

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