Two Approaches to Landscape

Journeys through landscape are at the heart of the work of both Anna Boss and Elaine Jones. Both artists create paintings that are atmospheric, sensitive and that tap into our emotional response to place. However, whilst the starting point for Anna and Elaine may be similar their paintings each offer something quite different to the viewer. The most notable difference between Anna and Elaine’s work is the level of abstraction. On the face of it Elaine’s paintings appear to be more abstract and Anna’s more representational. However, it is the way in which the varying levels of abstraction affect our perception of the paintings as viewers that is particularly interesting. Anna’s mixed media p

Introducing Ben Risk

Out of his Bristol based studio Ben Risk creates works that invite the viewer on a familiar but surreal adventure. Everyday images, memories and observations are collected and elevated into paintings and monoprints that are brilliantly evocative, dreamlike and ambiguous. Whilst the images Ben creates always reference the real world there seems to be a constant shifting between the real and the imaginary; we are given glimpses into somewhere distinctly other. It is this blurring of the lines that draws us in and makes Ben’s work so enticing. Photo courtesy of Alice Hendy Much like the artists that have inspired his creative practice, such as Sidney Nolan, Ken Kiff and Kitaj, Ben’s work is hig

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