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Preview | Affordable Art Fair Battersea

Join us at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea (8 - 11 March) on stand A9 to see the latest landscape, figurative and abstract work from our talented artists. Get in touch for tickets to the fair and subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with all our latest news.


Elaine Jones

Travelling to diverse and contrasting locations is at the heart of Elaine's practice, and is reflected in her paintings through placing elements of control alongside poured paint and loose brushwork.

Elaine has produced a new series of oil paintings inspired by the stunning landscapes and colours of the South Hams and particularly the Salcombe Estuary.

Anna Boss

Seeking out walks through the countryside that are devoid of people, Anna immerses herself into the landscape. The resulting paintings beautifully capture the moments just before rainfall, the settling of mist over rolling hills and the changing quality of light throughout the day.

Anna's new collection of works include a series of small rural scenes on wood blocks depicting the beautiful English countryside, alongside some larger mixed media pieces on canvas.

Ben Risk

Ben's work invites the viewer on a familiar but surreal adventure as the everyday imagery of streets, houses, trees, animals and people are configured into dreamlike spaces and environments.

Ben's latest series of striking monoprints have been developed using ink and oil pastel to create vibrant, textural pieces.

Andrew Hood

Andrew is adept at capturing the energy and movement of a busy city, and often seeks out an aerial viewpoint from which to observe the buzz of people and traffic on the streets below.

Andrew's latest work is based on his travels around Europe, finding particular inspiration in the architecture and crumbling alleyways of the cities along the East coast of Sicily. Andrew has also made several trips to London, capturing the hustle and bustle from the vantage point of iconic structures such as the Shard and the London Eye.

Catherine Monmarson

Catherine creates her mixed media pieces using a combination of pigment, wax, egg, acrylic and oil on paper, cardboard and canvas. Catherine's work brings together spontaneous and gestural marks with slower and more controlled elements, providing both texture and a real sense of movement in her figurative pieces.


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