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Discovering Failand | Anna Boss

On the outskirts of Bristol lies the small village of Failand, set in an idyllic patchwork of meadows, interrupted only by hedgerows filled with wildlife. The area boasts impressive views out over the Bristol Channel and on to the Welsh coast beyond. Artist Anna Boss discovered this pocket of countryside a year ago, and every return visit throughout the changing seasons promises a new experience of the landscape.


Failand Study I | 20x20cm | Mixed Media

It was on one such visit at the end of June that Anna was inspired to record her journey through a series of small landscape studies, which she will be developing into larger scale works for the Affordable Art Fair Bristol.

“I seek out walks that are devoid of people or show little human connection, other than the paths or the odd fence or gate. I can immerse myself into this landscape and switch off from the bustle of the city.”

Failand Study II | 20x20cm | Mixed Media

Anna is keen to convey this feeling of being in the landscape through her paintings rather than just observing it, and her new works are imbued with a sense of the long hazy days of summer. Light is diffused through clouds of flora giving the work an ethereal quality. Paths wind their way through tall grasses and alongside lush woodland; the colour palette of verdant greens and warm yellows intensifies this sense of being enveloped in the landscape. The viewer is drawn into these paintings, hoping to catch a glimpse of what’s around the next corner.

Failand Study IV | 20x20cm | Mixed Media

Failand Study III | 20x20cm | Mixed Media

We’re looking forward to exhibiting the full collection of Anna’s new works at the Affordable Art Fair Bristol (8th – 10th September). Get in touch for tickets to the fair and keep an eye on your inbox for updates on these new arrivals…


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