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Preview New Work | Andrew Hood

First Contemporary are looking forward to the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead (16th – 19th June), where we will be exhibiting fantastic new work from a range of talented painters and sculptors. One of the artists we will be showing at Hampstead is Bristol based painter Andrew Hood.


Street Near The Marais | 100x80cm | Oil

Andrew’s exciting new body of work features drawings and paintings from his recent travels around Paris, Lucca and the Côte d’Azur. His vibrant and colourful paintings capture the atmosphere of bustling city centres, the heat of the summer and unsuspecting tourists, as well as quieter little side streets. Andrew’s sketches convey a sense of energy as he quickly documents the atmosphere and movement of the people and traffic before him.

“I much prefer painting a city than painting a landscape of the countryside. There is just a lot more going on, a lot more energy.”

Edge of the Marais | 105x105cm | Oil

Lucca Street Corner | Sketch

Andrew’s new body of work also includes sketches and paintings of London, for which he has a particular interest in exploring the sights of the city from an aerial perspective, such as the London Eye and the Shard. He has also long been fascinated by the way the River Thames weaves its way through the capital, and this features in many of his new works.

“I love that it’s still a working river, and remains such an important part of the city. It has a tremendous sense of power and history, after all it has been there for a long time, I think it’s something we just end up taking for granted.”

Tower Bridge | 115x95cm | Oil

Red Bus London Bridge | Sketch

Waterloo Bridge | 72x71cm | Oil

You can see more of Andrew Hood's paintings and sketches at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, which runs from the 16th – 19th June. Follow First Contemporary on Twitter and Instagram for updates from the fair.

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