Elaine Jones

Elaine Jones lives in Bristol and has been painting professionally since she graduated from Loughborough University in 1998. Her work is exhibited throughout the UK as well as in Ireland and Holland.

Elaine has attracted an impressive following for her distinctive, often ethereal landscapes that transport the viewer to remote, often uninhabited places with wild and extreme climates. She has journeyed around the world finding inspiration in diversity and contrasts, from the jungle terrain of Central America to the glaciers of the Arctic. Whilst her oil paint compositions evoke the feel of a particular location, they are not direct representations but rather organic abstractions that seem to evolve and change depending on her surrounding environment and the ever changing light. By placing an element of control alongside the accidental Elaine allows geometrically straight lines to play with splashes of colour, poured paint and loose brushwork.

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Lights on the Horizon

60 x 60cm Oil