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Preview | Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

Come and join us at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead on Hampstead Heath (10 - 13 May) where we're looking forward to exhibiting the latest work from Elaine Jones, Andrew Hood, Anna Boss, Ben Risk and Catherine Monmarson. Get in touch for tickets to the fair and make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with all our news.

Preview the paintings heading to the fair below and don't hesitate to get in

touch if you'd like to make an enquiry about any of the artists and their work.


Elaine is interested in pulling the landscape out of the painting process itself. Whilst the inspiration for her most recent body of work came from the landscape and coastline around Salcombe, this is just a starting point and each piece goes through many stages of development and obliteration before reaching its final form. [See more...]

Andrew's new body of work showcases the balance between spontaneity and control in painting, echoing the expansive nature of our landscapes and coastlines alongside the structure that defines our cities. [See more...]

Anna’s mixed media paintings draw us in, immersing us in the landscape. We find ourselves at ground level, on a path surrounded by tall grasses or on a riverbank watching as the rain rolls in. A narrative begins to unfold and we are in the midst of it. [See more...]

Everyday images, memories and observations are collected and elevated into paintings and monoprints that are brilliantly evocative, dreamlike and ambiguous. Whilst the images Ben creates always reference the real world there seems to be a constant shifting between the real and the imaginary; we are given glimpses into somewhere distinctly other. [See more...]

Catherine Monmarson

Catherine creates her mixed media pieces using a combination of pigment, wax, egg, acrylic and oil on paper, cardboard and canvas. Catherine's work brings together spontaneous and gestural marks with slower and more controlled elements, providing both texture and a real sense of movement in her figurative pieces. [See more...]


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