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Come and join us at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead (9 - 12 May) where we're looking forward to exhibiting selected works from Andrew Hood, Elaine Jones,

Anna Boss and Catherine Monmarson.

Preview the paintings heading to the fair below and don't hesitate to get in

touch if you'd like to make an enquiry about any of the artwork.

Phone: 07791 699138   E-mail: 

Andrew Hood

Andrew’s latest collection of paintings celebrate his travels around Sicily, Morocco and France. By soaking up the atmosphere of each location and pouring that into his work back in the studio, Andrew creates paintings that appeal to all the senses. 


The collection also sees a return to the capital, where Andrew was inspired by the spectacular views from London’s Sky Garden.

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Elaine Jones


The inspiration for Elaine's recent body of work has come from exploring the unspoiled beaches and hidden coves along the South Devon coastline.


There is a luminosity in these new oil paintings that captures the play of light on the water, and Elaine’s energetic handling of the paint gives a sense of the rhythm of the changing tides.

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Anna Boss

Anna's new collection of atmospheric mixed media paintings depict idyllic landscapes shrouded in fog. 

By gradually building up layers of acrylic paint and resin Anna creates subtle textures and a sense of depth in the paintings.

Catherine Monmarson 

Catherine’s latest collection of mixed media works have been created using a combination of pigment, wax, ink, acrylic and oil on a variety of surfaces including paper, pages of books, cardboard and canvas.


The works bring together spontaneous and gestural marks with slower and more controlled elements, providing both texture and a real sense of movement.

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Telephone: 07791 699138

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