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Come and join us at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea (12 - 15 March) where we're looking forward to exhibiting a selection of new works from Andrew Hood, Elaine Jones, Anna Boss and Catherine Monmarson.

Preview the paintings heading to the fair below and don't hesitate to get in

touch if you'd like to make an enquiry about any of the artwork.

Phone: 07791 699138   E-mail: 

Andrew Hood

Andrew’s latest collection of oil paintings capture the architecture and atmosphere of sun-drenched villages across Italy and France. 


The collection also sees a return to the capital, where views of the Thames and the iconic London skyline emerge from the abstract marks and layers of paint.

Elaine Jones


The inspiration for Elaine's recent body of work has come from exploring the unspoilt Greek islands of Symi and Halki.

The paintings evoke a real sense of the crystal clear waters and vibrant colours typical of the islands. 

Anna Boss

Anna's new landscape paintings follow tracks and rivers as they wind through the countryside and capture skies heavy with impending rain. 

By gradually building up layers of acrylic paint and resin Anna creates subtle textures and a sense of atmosphere in the works.

Catherine Monmarson

Catherine’s latest collection of mixed media works bring together spontaneous and gestural marks with slower and more controlled elements, providing both texture and a real sense of movement.

Telephone: 07791 699138

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